Every year on the first Thursday of May, millions of internet users around the world are reminded to improve their online password habits. So today, on World Password Day, take some time to protect your digital information.

Passwords are critical gatekeepers to our digital identities, allowing us to access online banking, email and social media. Yet the majority of passwords are vulnerable to hacking.

As more and more sensitive data is stored online, the effects of cybercrime grow more significant each year. In fact, identity theft is among the fastest growing crimes in America. In 2016, identity fraud hit an all-time high. Last year alone, more than 3.1 billion user records, including passwords, were leaked online. Millions of these ended up for sale on the dark web.


World Password Day is an effort to increase public awareness of strong cybersecurity habits. This awareness is desperately needed by the average internet user. Did you know that the word ‘password’ is still one of the most common passwords? By sharing educational tips on social media, the goal is to achieve better cybersecurity awareness. Informing your friends and followers is a simple way anyone can support and encourage the protection of digital information.


This year World Password Day is asking you to #LayerUp your login. The campaign is a Cybersecurity Awareness Program initiative, led by the Intel and developed by a coalition of partners including Dell and Lenovo.

“Today it’s clear passwords aren’t enough to protect online accounts.” – Jennifer Larson, Intel’s Cybersecurity Education program

By combining your password with additional factors, such as a fingerprint, a code sent to your phone, or a USB Key, you add a powerful level of protection to your online account. According to the people behind World Password Day, this is the best way to protect yourself against common cybercrime like identity theft and social media account hijacking.


Website: World Password Day