Celebrate a movement of people who believe that life’s too short to do work that doesn’t matter to you on World Escape Day.

Monday 6 March 2017 is World Escape Day – a global celebration of doing something different.

Cities around the world are hosting events to inspire people to make a change to do something they really love. These World Escape Day events are designed to help people meet others in their local areas who are also aren’t happy to settle for doing work that doesn’t matter to them, and who are thinking about a career change. Events will explore the art of career experimentation, making small steps to create a bit change, and hear about future trends in work and how to make the most of it.

World Escape Day events on 6 March 2017 are happening in: Berlin, Bristol, Bucharest, Cologne, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, London, Madrid, Munich, New York, Rome and Zurich.

World Escape Day is organised by Escape the City. In 2010, founders Rob and Dom started a weekly ‘Top 10 Opportunities’ email. They quit their corporate jobs after six months, and now their email list has more than 250,000 members.

When Escape the City first started, the idea of escaping was a ‘fringe idea’. The newsletter or people looking for more interesting jobs tapped into that, but a lot has changed in the world since then too. Technology and changes in attitudes mean people feel more able and inspired to make changes in their lives. So while the opportunities email still exists, Escape the City is now a global community of people who believe life is for living, and that careers should be part of that.

We want our community to grow into a global movement. Proving together that corporate drudgery is as outdated as the fax machine and that more meaningful careers are available to anyone, anywhere. – Escape the City

Escape the City’s mission is to ‘liberate’ one million people to do work they love. It encourages people to find more interesting work, or be entrepreneurial and create their own work. They say everyone should have access to 21st century careers, built on your terms, not someone else’s.

Escape the City…you’re our kind of people. Happy World Escape Day!

Website: World Escape Day, and search for the hashtag #DifferentIsPossible

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