What would you do if you lost everything? World Backup Day is here to make sure that people actually start backing up.

If anything happened to your phone, computer or tablet, your important documents and memories could be lost forever. With so much of our lives, notes, photos and videos being stored in digital form, it is important that we begin to make backups of our precious data, before it’s too late.

Backing up your data is one of those easy-to-do procedures that many people ignore. It will protect your life’s work and dear memories when that hard drive fails or when your phone gets stolen. If you are a small business, a data backup can be what saves your company.

Perhaps you’re one of those people thinking right now: ‘I’m good. I’m on top of this and already have backups.’ World Backup Day is for you too. This is your reminder to check (and double check) your data stores are up-to-date and working.

“Hopefully this day will make everyone think about their situation and get their files backed up. I hope that it will spark conversations about the enormous task of saving our digital heritage for future generations.” – Ismail Jadun, founder of World Backup DayWorld Backup Day

How should I backup?

Backing up is easy. Instead of storing all your stuff in one place (like your computer), keep another copy of everything somewhere safe. A good backup plan should be continuous, so once it’s set up, your data should be backing up automatically. And it should include multiple layers to not only recover your data, but also include steps for data preservation.

Having both local and offsite backups gives you peace-of-mind, knowing your files are safe and secure. You can make a local backup, with an external hard drive that you have at home. Or make a cloud/offsite backup, which is an online service or hard drive securely placed in a different location. Be sure to make a copy of all your important items: on your computer, laptop, phone, tablet, camera, other wireless devices and photos and videos on social media.

Make a habit of backing up your files and checking the places you’ve chosen to store your data.

Website: World Backup Day