Join more than 200 digital nomads on the 13 day Nomad Cruise where ideas, drinks and sunshine reign supreme.

On 28 May 2016 this immense all-inclusive cruise ship will leave Cartagena in Colombia. With just one stop in Philipsburg in Sint Maarten, the ship’s final destination is Lisbon, Portugal. The spirit aboard the cruise ship is designed to spark knowledge sharing, comparing experiences and telling inspiring stories. Watch last year’s video below to get an impression of the Nomad Cruise and what goes on.

The Nomad Cruise is a great way to meet like-minded people and enjoy a memorable experience that transcends just work or play. During the time aboard the ship, passengers can attend multiple workshops, a conference and a Hackathon to try to tackle ‘world problems’ with ‘explosive solutions’. In the workshops, participants learn important skills about an extended range of topics, delivered by people with real experience. Those who want to share their own experiences may also have the opportunity to deliver their own workshops too.

nomad cruise

Prices for the cruise start from €529 for a shared two-person cabin. We think €44 per day is a fair price for the all-inclusive deal including drinks, meals, workshops, a place to sleep and the opportunity to meet new people and fellow digital nomads. Where can we sign up?

Website: Nomad Cruise