Located in Neukölln, the eighth borough of Berlin, Agora is housed in a bright building across five floors, providing a wide range of work spaces for all types of professionals.

Agora welcomes people and projects based on a philosophy reflecting their key values: diversity, self-organisation and social ties. The building features a vibrant working room, a silent working space, a multi-functional room, a café and best of all, a verdant and spacious garden.

Agora co-working

By offering a wide range of functional spaces and co-working passes, Agora provides flexibility while working and an inspiring mixture between work and play at any given time. Available co-working passes include:

  • Day pass: Work at Agora for a day for €16
  • Five-day pass: Pick five days in one month to work there for €60
  • Part-time pass: Work at Agora for three days a week for €138
  • Full-time pass: Work there for five days a week for €184
  • Fixed desk: Have your own spot at Agora for €248

co-working at agora

The community redefines methods of interaction and co-working by collectively creating innovative solutions in the fields of food, sustainability, art and learning. Agora aims to do this by bringing together a range of initiatives in that field. They also host workshops reflecting their values. On 11 June 2016, for example, you can learn how worms will turn food scraps into nutritious compost for your plants. Check their calendar here to see all upcoming events!

Agora will open its second location in Berlin very soon. It will be housed in Kindl, a former beer brewery. More information on the second location to follow.

Website: Agora Collective

Carl Goes Berlin: more co-working in Berlin!

‘Carl Goes Berlin’ is the city guide for curious and creative people who want to become a citizen of Berlin for the duration of their stay, whether it’s for three days, three weeks, three months or the Berlin Web Week 2016.

Read more about the ‘Carl Goes Berlin’ city guide here.
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Carl Goes Berlin includes:

  • Six interviews with Berlin locals, including a techno carlgoesberlinentrepreneur, a violin-maker, a pair of brothers starting up their own business in the city, a food blogger, a high-flying company founder and a pair of illustrators;
  • Information about working in Berlin, including co-working spaces, networking and industry events, practical information about how to set up a business and how to get funding, how to learn German and where to go for a working lunch;
  • Guides to the different neighbourhoods in Berlin, including tips of where local residents like to hang out;
  • Our top tips of how to spend three days, three weeks and three months in Berlin;
  • Where to eat and drink in Berlin, from cafés and pop-up restaurants, to beer gardens and splash-out dinners;
  • Where to stay in Berlin, from high-end hotels and fully serviced city apartments, to quirky accommodation and design hotels;
  • Ideas of how to ‘get lost’ in the city to explore Berlin for yourself;
  • Practical information about how to get there, get around and generally get by in Berlin for the duration of your trip;
  • Day and weekend trips away from Berlin, and a guide to other places in the world with a similar vibe to Berlin;
  • More than 100 colour photographs to give you a sense of Berlin’s DNA.