This might not come as a big surprise, but the world map as we know it isn’t really that much of an exact representation.

The earth is three dimensional and round while maps are two dimensional and have a flat rectangular shape, which causes every map to have a distortion. Our most used map, called the Mercator Projections, is mostly just very convenient for the goal it was designed for: exploration. But the map gives a misleading view of the sizes of the countries.

The website The True Size gives you the opportunity to play around and find out how big the countries and continents in the world actually are.

Screenshot of the True Size

Screenshot of the True Size

How it works

It’s quite simple. Go to The True Size website and to begin with, you’ll see a representation of the United States, India and China fitted into Africa. At the top left corner, you can fill in any country you’d like and start dragging it around. The closer you drag it to the equator, the smaller the country gets.

As you will soon find out, Africa is huge, and Europe is actually smaller than you think. It raises the question, is it possible to ever have an accurate map of the world?

Website: The True Size