The hotel search website Trivago has analysed summer travel habits from six different countries to compare the differences between nationalities.

They looked at data from last summer for travel habits for travellers from the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy and Germany. To compare the differences, they took into account the peak search week and time, average price per night, average stay duration, favourite accommodation types, top destinations and hotel amenities.

They uncovered the following trends…

Late bookings

The peak search time for booking summer holidays is already well into the summer period, from late July to mid August. Perhaps these holidaymakers need the summer season to begin before they realise they want a holiday after all, or maybe they’re on the lookout for late deals. Of the six nations involved in the study, people from the UK and Ireland search the earliest, during the last week of July. The French and Italians search the latest, during the second week of August.

“The most spontaneous nationalities are the French and the Italians – searches for summer travel peak in mid-August, suggesting they are happy to book a last-minute holiday.” Denise Bartlett, Trivago Communications UK & Ireland

Monday blues

All nationalities prefer searching for their holiday on Monday evenings, presumably when they need a pick-me-up at the start of the week. The Brits mostly search between 20:00 and 21:00, while the Spanish and Italians search later between 22:00 and 23:00, presumably a reflection of their lifestyles that run later into the night.

Thrifty Spaniards / flush Brits

Users from the UK were found to be willing to spend most on their hotel rooms, with an average clicked on price of £150 per night. The Spanish, on the other hand, were the most frugal, spending an average of £96 per night on their summertime hotel rooms. All nationalities spend an average of four nights away on their summer trips.

Favourite accommodation

Trivago users from the UK, Ireland and Germany prefer to stay in hotels. The Spanish tend to opt for aparthotels, Italians go for B&Bs and the French enjoy looking for holiday homes. People from the UK, Ireland, France and Germany tend to look for city centre hotels, while the Spanish and Italians prefer beach hotels.

Top destinations

Holidaymakers tend to want to stay in the capital city of the country they’re searching in. Exceptions are in Spain, where Benidorm is the most popular destination, while in Italy, Rimini is the top holiday spot.

Amenities: work and relax

When it comes to the top hotel amenity, holidaymakers from the UK, Ireland and France want Wi-Fi. The French and Germans look for an on-site spa as their priority, while the Spanish want a Jacuzzi.

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