To celebrate National Beer Day in the United States, we’ve discovered which cities are the best for enjoying a craft beer.

On 7 April the United States celebrates the date beer became legal again, back in 1933. Thanks to President Franklin Roosevelt, a law was enacted allowing people to brew, sell and most importantly – drink – beer again, after 13 years of it being illegal. Since then, beer breweries have been popping up everywhere and craft beer is only becoming more popular.

These are the three best cities in the United States for beer lovers.

1. Portland

Proudly known as ‘Beervana’, Portland has more than 70 breweries: more than any other city in the world. With reverence for the beer-pioneers who first stirred up the scene, new brewers have arrived throughout the years, giving beer drinkers a mix of classic brews and bold new flavours.

The oldest brewery in the state of Oregon is BridgePort Brewing, which opened in 1984. Widmer Brothers Brewing is the largest in the state and opened in the same year. Both breweries are wildly loved and have a pub where you can enjoy their beers.

The newer Hopworks Urban Brewery, which opened in 2007, crafts organic beers and powers its facilities with 100% renewable energy. Another standout spot worth visiting is Basecamp Brewing Company, founded in 2012. They are brewing experimental lagers and ales which embody a love for the outdoors.

Widmer Brothers beer

Photo by Widmer Brothers Brewing

2. Philadelphia

Before beer became illegal in the early 1900s, Philadelphia was known as the greatest brewing city of America. Nowadays it’s still recognised as one of the best beer cities. Philadelphia has been brewing beer for more than 300 years.

Yards Brewing Company, which opened in 1994, is one of the oldest, still running breweries in the city. It has a wind-powered tasting room where you can enjoy mostly English-inspired ales. Tired Hands Brewing Company opened in 2011 and is the fastest growing brewery in town. It has won some of the world’s most prestigious beer-related awards over the last five years.

Philadelphia has a lot of unique places to drink at the canal-side. One of these places is Manayunk Brewing Company. With 10 different beers rotating on tap to choose from, it’s a perfect summer hotspot. One of the newest breweries is Second District Brewing company, which opened in February 2017. It’s already a true craft beer location from a team with years of beer experience.

Tired Hands Brewing Company

Photo by Tired Hands Brewing Company

3. Denver

More than 200 unique beers are produced and served every day in Denver’s tap houses, brew pubs and breweries. Every year the city is home to the Great American Beer Festival: the largest annual beer event in the world.

Tivoli Brewing Company is Colorado’s oldest, most historic brewery. It originally opened in 1859 and supplied beer to the gold rush pioneers. Fiction Beer Company crafts award-winning beer that all tell a different story through unique flavours, aromas and textures inspired by the brewers’ favourite books.

Crooked Stave is a craft beer project that became an example in the sour beer trend that’s sweeping the beer community. The Factotum Brewhouse assists homebrewers and gives them a stage to display their craft, which means the beer menu is always changing and surprising.

Fiction Beer Company

Photo by Fiction Beer Company

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