Charges for phone calls and data usage in Europe will be capped from June 2017 — so costs will equal local rates — following a decision made by the European Parliament, Council and Commission on 30 April 2016.

Costs for calling and browsing have been showing a steep decline for some time. From 30 April 2016 until 15 June 2017, new surcharge regulations will apply for calling and roaming within the European Union during a transition period. By June next year, mobile phone users should expect to pay an equal amount to what they already pay at home when using their phones in European Union countries.

“The 30th of April is a great day for consumers” – Pilar del Castillo Vera (Spanish EPP member)

The rest of this year is being used as a transitional period, where mobile phone operators are given some time to adjust to the new regulations. Phasing out additional charges is part of the wider strategy to open up access to internet without discrimination, which began in 2007. Providers are not allowed to reduce internet speed or exploit commercial practices.

In this transitional year, the following prices apply:

Description Price today Transition period* From 15 June 2017
1 minute call 0.19 Domestic price + .05 surcharge Same price as at home
1 minute received call  .05 Should not exceed regulated maximum Should not exceed regulated maximum
Text messages sent  .06 Domestic price + .02 surcharge Same price as at home
Text messages received  Free  Free  Free
1Mb of data  0.20 Domestic price + .05 surcharge  Same price as at home

* Transition period: 30 April 2016 until 15 June 2017



Website: European Parliament