The Shorty Awards honour individuals and organisations that produced great content on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and all the other social media channels.

The 9th annual Shorty Awards ceremony was held in New York on 23 April and streamed live on YouTube.

There are two main divisions in the Shorty Awards: the influencers and the brands and organisations. Influencers on social media have a high number of followers, giving them a strong impact on the target group, which are mainly younger people. The awards for the influencers are divided by categories such as actor/actress, comedy, TV Show, music and fashion. The awards for brands and organisations are divided into different categories, including: by overall presence, by region, by industry, by design and by campaign. But there are also awards for the emoji of the year and the best use of 360º video.

Photo by Shorty Awards

Photo by Shorty Awards

A few notable brand & organisational winners

Best integrated campaign: HBO’s Westworld Season 1
Best mobile campaign: #InstaZoomZ5 – The first zoom on Instagram by Sony Xperia
Best multi-platform campaign: Olympics News Lab at Google
Best Social Good campaign: Major Keys – Get schooled
Best brand identity campaign: Maddie – Wear what moves you
Best auto campaign: Audi – The Comeback

Website: Shorty Awards