Whether you’re always on the go, often travelling abroad or simply because carrying two phones doesn’t make any sense: phones supporting multiple or dual-SIM cards might be the solution for you.

There are multiple reasons why you would want to carry multiple SIM cards with you. Many people want to separate their work and personal phone and therefore carry around two phones. Travellers often take advantage of buying a local SIM card for lower calling, texting and roaming costs whereas others use their second SIM because they have something to hide (not recommended). Reading into the possibilities of dual-SIM is time well spent.

“When inserting another SIM card into your phone (single SIM), your WhatsApp is still registered to the usual number and you will still receive WhatsApp messages on your phone. When we’re away for a while, we usually buy a local foreign SIM card, so we’re able to receive WhatsApp messages as usual, and only calling with a foreign number. WhatsApp uses very little data and the smallest internet plan can be used for long conversations including photos.”
Expert tip from Carl

If you do some research, there are quite a few options out there. The most simple and elegant solutions are listed below:

  • Dual-SIM external adapter: an external solution involving buying a small adapter which communicates with your phone via Bluetooth. Adapters usually cost around €60.
  • Dual-SIM internal adapter: If you don’t want to carry the extra bit around all the time, an internal adapter might be for you. We do recommend doing some research on this because there’re a lot of ‘less practical’ and ‘fingers crossed it works’ solutions out there. Don’t be the sheepish one carrying dysfunctional equipment on your trip.
  • Dual-SIM supporting phone: although there are pretty decent mid-range phones (around €150) out there, you can also choose the latest flagship phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S7. Pay attention when buying, because not all versions support dual sim. Look for the one where you can put an extra SIM card in the tray, rejecting the option to insert a micro-SD storage card.

dual sim galaxy s7

Using the dual-SIM approach is our preferred way to travel and stay connected. We personally prefer to take a high-end phone when travelling, taking advantage of the higher spec for taking pictures and videos and to generally enabling better working on the road. A power bank or portable charger can also be used on-the-go to charge not only your phone, but many other devices.

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