Wannabe digital nomads can spend an amazing year travelling, working and exploring alongside like-minded individuals with Remote Year.

Tapping into the rapidly growing trends of remote working, digital nomadism and generally blurring the lines between work and travel, Remote Year brings together a community of 75 global nomads to have the year of their lives. Spending a month each in 12 different locations, this travelling community connects with local cultures and business ecosystems, building professional and personal relationships along the way.

Location independent future

The first Remote Year trip was in 2015, which received 25,000 applications for the coveted 75 spaces. The market for these trips is clear, as traditional working structures break down and pave the way for brilliant location independent, work-life balances of the future.

“Stemming from a simple desire to see the world with friends, Remote Year has evolved to become a symbol of autonomy, a stance against routine and a movement to revolutionize the way we live and work.” Remote Year

One of the biggest things the Remote Year organisers say they learned from the first trip they ran was that: “Your best work happens when you feel inspired.” They go on to say: “It’s hard to find inspiration in routine. The daily grind is monotonous, stale and designed to muffle creativity. Shake up your environment and watch how much more productive, motivated and happy you will become.” They also noted that participants gradually started to shed the belongings they had with them as the trip progressed, favouring authentic experiences over material possessions.

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For a monthly fee of $2,000, digital nomads get all travel between destinations, all accommodation, workspaces with internet accessible 24/7, and access to activities and community events. Offering great value for money (it’s less than citizens of many global cities would spend on rent, bills and travel per month), digital nomads potentially gain so much more than they would in their current home city.

Participants are encouraged to have their own source of remote work before they travel, although the very connected people at Remote Work can offer great tips on how to find work on the move.

“You chose to make a courageous leap to completely change your life and you should celebrate that everyday. You’re living a life your friends envy and your family can’t fathom. You are here because you care about a world bigger than yourself and because you wanted to be a part of a community that cares.” — Arestia Rosenberg, Cousteau, Remote Year participant

More than 30 nationalities have embarked on Remote Year trips, bringing together a diverse community of people with common dreams of location independence. Destinations include: Prague, Split, London, Belgrade, Lisbon, Rabat, Valencia, Sofia, Kuala Lumpur, Koh Phangan, Phnom Penh, Ho Chi Minh City, Chiang Mai, Hanoi, Medellín, Bogotá, Lima, Santiago, Córdoba, Buenos Aires, Mexico City…to name but a few! Would-be participants can discuss their preferred itineraries with their interviewer, and will subsequently be matched with the most appropriate trip.

The Remote Revolution

Although Remote Year certainly stems from the digital nomad trend, the organisers have higher ambitions. They want this to be the beginning of a global and cultural movement – ‘the remote revolution’ – that says experiencing the world doesn’t have to come at the expense of losing a career. Through the trip, they show it’s possible to have the best of all worlds: travelling, exploring passions, location independent working and running businesses.

Remote Year is currently recruiting for the 2017 trip.

Website: Remote Year