The German rail company Deutsche Bahn (DB) is now providing timetable information with real-time data, which includes for international routes, via a savvy new app. Countries covered include Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and even the United Kingdom via the Eurostar.

DB will also provide this real-time data via its websites and, as well as the DB Navigator app. Users can find out key information, such as whether their train will arrive punctually in Zurich and about connecting trains at the station. To date, travellers have had to download the relevant app or visit the website of the partner railway concerned. The information will now also be shown on the on-board displays and the information boards at the station.

Real-time data is available for railways which are members of the Railteam Alliance, i.e. for routes to and from Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium (ICE/Thalys), the Netherlands and the United Kingdom (Eurostar). This involves a total of approx. 60,000 journeys a day. Railteam is a co-operative project between Europe’s leading railways for high-speed traffic.

“Our customers can now obtain real-time information for the entire cross-border travel chain from one single app, eliminating the time-consuming search for other apps as well as language barriers,” commented Peter Schütz, Head of the Passenger Information Group Project at DB.

Not only travellers, but also the service staff on board the trains will benefit from this additional information, as train attendants will be able to provide passengers with better information about connecting trains in other countries.

Website: Deutsche Bahn

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