The ultimate bag for urban explorers combines style and functionality in a sustainable way.

Inspired by contemporary art, music, conversation and everyday life, pinqponq creates bags for smart and fashion conscious world citizens. The brand makes the backpack as much more than a purely functional piece, but as a fully integrated part of your everyday outfit.

“There’s very little happening in backpacks at a design epicenter on the fashion side of things, which opens up new possibilities and variation.” – Annemarie, designer at pinqponq

Throughout their range of bags you’ll see two prevailing dots, as a part of the recognisable, albeit very subtle, logo of pinqponq. Bags come in different sizes from the BLOK Vivid Monochrome as a descent travel backpack size, down to the Okay Mini if you carry fewer essentials on a daily basis.


Functionality is, next to design, one of the most important aspects to this brand. pinqponq aims to provide the ability to organise everything from Hasselblads to hair brushes. The Klick Clean Grey is a convenient way to add a camera department to all Cubik Large backpacks.

“We’re relying on existing trash and cyclical consumer waste that can we can continually re-purpose.” – Sven, CEO Fond of Bags

pinqponq uses fabrics which are 100% made of recycled PET bottles. This means they can call themselves a member of Fair Wear Foundation and a recognised bluesign® system partner.

Website and photos: pinqponq