Following the recent opening of Nutbourne in the south west London neighbourhood of Battersea, Citizen Carl was invited for a taste test.

Nutbourne is a true example of family collaboration and creativity, tapping into Londoners’ desires for great quality and seasonal food. The Gladwin brothers who run the Nutbourne hail from the rural village, also called Nutbourne, in West Sussex. Gregory is a farmer and spends his time working on the farm and sourcing seasonal produce from other local suppliers. Richard and Oliver take on the cooking and running of the restaurant, focusing on seasonal and sustainable cooking.

The Gladwin Brothers, Nutbourne

Photo: the Gladwin Brothers, Nutbourne

The Nutbourne restaurant is the third culinary venture of the brothers, following on from the Shed and the Rabbit. The restaurant is found in an enviable, former dockyard location not far from Battersea Park. And the Nutbourne is already aglow with a feeling of community and cosiness, helped along by an interior with just the right blend of rustic and dockside industrial chic. Pot plants hanging from the ceiling provide a touch of quirkiness too.

The menu is full of wholesome British flavours with inventive accompaniments. The meal kicks off with an amuse-bouche, which this evening is an exquisite cuttlefish crisp with taramasalata. The starter of the grouse on hot salt rock, with plum jam, cheddar crumb and sorrel, is an interactive dining experience. Leave the grouse cooking on the hot rock for as much or little time as you like, or enjoy the progression of flavours by having a morsel at a time as it cooks. The potato spaghetti carbonara is a modern-day spiralised version of a classic dish, and is also delectable.

While the grain and pulse salads look tempting, we can’t tear ourselves away from the BBQ grill section of the menu, opting for the Sussex beef fillet with truffle duxelles and the monkfish cheeks, served with fig, rosemary and coriander seed chutney. The beef is melt-in-the-mouth tender and perfectly seasoned, while the monkfish offers the perfect balance of bite and sauce. Washed down with wines from the Nutbourne Vineyard, from a light sparkling wine to the light and fruity pinot noir, the evening couldn’t have finished off on a better note.

Monkfish cheeks, Nutbourne restaurant

Photo: Monkfish cheeks, Nutbourne restaurant

Offering an impressive combination of rural flavours and a community-spirited London location, balancing farm fresh flavours and modern culinary finesse, the Nutbourne is a restaurant set to make its mark on the London map.

Website: Nutbourne restaurant

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