Keeping track of your luggage has never been so easy

Travellers can now use a bespoke link associated with their boarding pass to pinpoint exactly where their luggage is located throughout their journey.

Lufthansa passengers can use a link on their mobile boarding pass in the Lufthansa app to track where their luggage is located. Upon arrival at their destination airport, the app informs the traveller of the specific baggage carousel and (starting in June) the exact time of the delivery of their luggage. That way, for instance, they can use any possible waiting time to get a drink in the lounge or to make purchases in the airport.

This increasingly customised development of digital luggage services certainly adds new meaning to Lufthansa’s slogan: ‘Flying. Reimagined.’

This service offer will initially be available in Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart, and Milan, and then gradually extend to include other airports. If, in exceptional cases, a passenger’s luggage hasn’t all come on the same flight, the passenger receives a notification and can quickly and easily send a forwarding order via an auto-filled form via a link in the Lufthansa app. Waiting time at the baggage carousel and the trek to the lost and found desk will become unnecessary, as the luggage will easily arrive later at home or their place of stay.

RIMOWA luggage owners can check in luggage from home

Another innovation in baggage handling is Lufthansa’s co-operation with RIMOWA. The RIMOWA Electronic Tag is the first digital and fully integrated mobility solution. It makes flying with luggage faster, more comfortable, and more secure. While today’s suitcases and travel bags must still be checked in by hand and labelled with paper tags, with the RIMOWA Electronic Tag Lufthansa passengers will soon be able to also check in their luggage from home or on the road with the Lufthansa app.

Using their digital boarding pass, travellers can submit data from their smartphone with just one tap via Bluetooth, to their luggage equipped with the RIMOWA Electronic Tag. The luggage data will immediately appear on the data module integrated into the case. The checked suitcase must then be placed on the conveyor at the Lufthansa baggage drop desk. The luggage data displayed on the electronic display corresponds in size and appearance to current paper tags. Important information is protected from humidity, heat, cold, falls, and jarring, and cannot be torn off. After successful tests with customers since last autumn year, the functionality was launched with Luftansa as of March 2016.

In parallel, Lufthansa is introducing home-printed baggage tags as part of a test with the European Commission. Passengers for flights within the EU can print their baggage tag at home on standard paper and place them in a transparent sleeve attached to the case. Baggage handling at the airport then functions quickly and comfortably at the self bag drop machines or at the check-in desk.

Photo: Wunderman, Frankfurt

Websites: Lufthansa and RIMOVA