An installation on the visions of homes in a post fossil-fuel era will be hosted in Berlin as part of the largest collaborative project of Finnish cultural institutes.

Mobile Home 2017 is a joint venture of the Finnish institutes in Berlin, London Paris and the Benelux. The project explores and interprets the different meanings of ‘home’, looking at architecture, art, science and sociology. Events are taking places throughout 2017, coinciding with Finland celebrating its centenary.

The Berlin installation centres on a piece by Finnish artist Tuomas A. Laitinen and the German architect collective raumlaborberlin. The installation covers the issues of bio- and energy politics, sustainable materials and renewable energy, and a vision of home during a post-fossil era. The installation will be shown at the Finnland-Institut from 26 January to 7 July 2017.

Mobile Home 2017: Berlin©

Mobile Home 2017: Berlin

Throughout the installation period in Berlin, an event series called MOBILE HOME donnerstags will also be held. The monthly events will include panel discussions, workshops, food events and lectures.

At the end of the installations in the various Finnish Institutes, a show of all the pieces will move to Finland, culminating in a celebratory festival.

Website: Mobile Home 2017 in Berlin

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