Leipzig is called the new Berlin for a reason. The city is packed with creatives and the cost of living is relatively low. If you are looking for a place to stay, consider Meisterzimmer at the Baumwollspinnerei!

Meisterzimmer features four rooms in the Baumwollspinnerei located just 4km outside the city centre. The Baumwollspinnerei is an old factory featuring workshop spaces, studios, shops and galleries. You can easily get to the building using public transport or the free parking spaces located on-site.

Loaded with history

The Baumwollspinnerei was registered as a joint-stock company back in 1884 and was one of the biggest spinning works in Europe. From the first building, which is now Hall 20, the whole site quickly grew into a multi-building site including an administrative building, multiple spinning halls and housing for its workers. Later on, extras such as a kindergarten, fire department and gymnasium were added to the complex, making it a small city in its own right. At the most thriving point in time, the Baumwollspinnerei featured 240,000 spindles, 20,000 thread-twisting spindles and 208 combining machines, with 1,600 employees. After World War II, the Baumwollspinnerei became more of a social hub, featuring leisure and cultural activities. The building changed ownership a couple of times before becoming the cultural hub we know the Baumwollspinnerei to be today.


Photo by Manfred Mülhaupt

From personal studio to pension

Back in 1994, Meisterzimmer #1 was the studio of a few Spinnerei pioneers. The room has been modified quite a bit without losing the original character as a former women’s locker. The eight sinks can still be found in the room. Manfred Mülhaupt lived in Meisterzimmer #1 for almost a decade before making the room available for guests. Manfred thought other accommodation in the area to be rather modest and mostly boring. What started off with one room, is now a pension with four rooms each with an individual and authentic character.

“My idea always was to give something of the feeling of space that the Meisterzimmer and the whole Spinnerei exude to someone else. It was not a business idea in the true sense.” – Manfred Mülhaupt, founder and owner of Meisterzimmer

Four quirky and spacious rooms

All rooms have their own bathroom and kitchen; some of them include a bathtub and kitchen with dishwasher. You don’t have to bring any towels since they’re provided. The Wi-Fi in the rooms is fast and reliable, which makes it a perfect place to get some work done too.

The fourth room is the smallest one but is still 42m2 large. Meisterzimmers one, two and three can host up to eight, four and five people respectively. Prices start at €75 per night. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is not included but there’s a really cool café next door featuring a beautiful garden and small shop. Leipzig is an excellent city to explore by bike which can be rented for just €5,- on site.

Acquiring inspiration is easy with the magazines provided in the rooms. Check out which exhibitions are on display in the galleries at the Baumwollspinnerei or browse some design magazines.

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Website: Meisterzimmer

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