If you’ve ever felt like sleeping surrounded by nature but with all the comforts of a hotel room, then sleeping in a transparent bubble hotel is the way forward.

It may sound like the stuff of dreams or overactive creative brains, but bubble hotels are in fact popping up in the unlikeliest places across the world. With futuristic designs and strong eco-credentials, they’re likely to be here to stay too.

Here are our top three picks of bubble accommodation:

Bubble Lodges at Bois Cheri, Mauritius

These bubble lodges can be found in the verdant tea fields of Bois Cheri, in the southern part of the volcanic island of Mauritius. It’s an area rich in wildlife, vegetation and endemic plant life, making it a perfect place to sleep in a protective casing surrounded by nature. A typical unit consists of three interconnected bubbles, with a living space, a sleeping space and a bathroom plus exterior shower. The bubble lodge is air conditioned throughout, providing a cool climate in the lush surrounds. The bubble lodges were designed by Pierre Stephane Dumas, via his Paris-based firm Bubble Tree. These bubble lodges can be transparent, semi-transparent or opaque bubbles, with transparent windows and roof.
Website: Bubble Lodge

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Bubble Domes at Finn Lough, Northern Ireland

Over in a much less tropical part of the world are the Bubble Domes at Finn Lough, in Northern Ireland’s County Fermanagh. Surrounded by woodland in a waterside location, Finn Lough’s Bubble Domes are all about seclusion and enjoying a connection with the natural environment. Creature comforts are not spared however, as the domes come with underfloor heating, four poster beds and waterfall showers. Fluffy robes, slippers, a Nespresso machine and daily breakfast complete the picture of luxuriant bliss amid nature. Finn Lough has either a single bubble with bedroom and bathroom, or a two-bubble version, which also has a living room and a wood burning stove.
Website: Bubble Domes at Finn Lough

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Bubbles, Iceland

The wild landscape of Iceland filled with volcanoes, glaciers, mountains and fjords makes it the ideal spot for a bubble hotel. Where better to enjoy the sometimes-inhospitable environment than from the comfort of a bubble hotel? Hunker down and watch the northern lights and stars during the winter, and enjoy nature in the midnight sun during the summer. These bubbles are inflated by a noiseless ventilation system, which also keeps it warm all winter and reduces humidity in the summer. More bubbles are being added at the moment ready for a September 2016 opening, and while the bubbles don’t have their own facilities, all guests will have access to a new building with shower, bathroom and kitchen.
Website: Bubbles in Iceland

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