Louis Sloley is the London-based owner of Tombo restaurants.

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Louis Sloley, Tombo restaurateur

Louis Sloley, Tombo restaurateur

Who are you?

I’m Louis Sloley, the co-founder of Tombo, a contemporary Japanese food and matcha tea brand. I’m half-Japanese and half-English, born and raised in London

Where do you call ‘home’ and what do you like about it?

Home is in De Beauvoir, situated between Islington and Hackney. It has some lovely architecture, delis and pubs.

Describe your favourite place to work and the view out the window.

At home, I live with my brother and we have a nice garden to look out on (credit to my brother for doing the majority of the gardening). But I spend most of my time at our restaurants in Soho and South Kensington.

Where do you find inspiration and ‘get lost’?

Eating out, travelling and social media all inspire me. I ‘get lost’ by cooking or relaxing with friends. It’s hard to get lost when you have a business, as it’s pretty much all you think about, but I don’t mind that, as I love what I do.

What is your favourite way to get around and why?

Walking or taking the Tube. This gives me an opportunity to listen to podcasts, and I love to people watch too!

Describe a trend in your industry, or in society more generally, that fascinates you.

Well for me it’s all about matcha and poké at the moment! I think it’s at the forefront of the food trend and I’m proud we are one of the leaders of both in London. I’m all for modernising ancient ingredients or traditional types of food to suit how we live today.

Desserts at Tombo

Desserts at Tombo

Name your favourite spot to hang out when you’re off work.

Regent’s Canal. Towpath Café is a particular favourite for weekend brunch. When the weather is nice, there are not many better places to hang out to watch the world go by.

Name and describe your favourite city.

London. There’s so much going on and lots of opportunity to share and create ideas.

Name one object you cannot live without and tell us why.

My Sandqvist rucksack. It’s basically got my life in it, which consists of my laptop and tea.

What’s the most and least exciting thing you’ve got coming up this week?

The most exciting thing is a viewing a property for a potential third Tombo. The least exciting is doing my expenses…

You have exactly one minute to share your vision with our readers about anything you want.

My vision is about giving Japanese food and tea a modern twist. Our poké and matcha bar in Soho does exactly that. I’m bored of sushi rolls and nigiri. I want a healthy, substantial sushi meal that is fuss free and personalised. The same goes for our green tea and matcha. It’s not just for drinking, but I love how we use it in creative ways, from matcha juices to brownies and as a salad dressing. The taste alone is why I love it, but the fact that it’s got loads of health benefits is an added bonus. It’s a great alternative to coffee.

Website: Find out more about Louis Sloley’s Tombo

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