We introduce you to Fabrice Couturier, the founder of Brownie and Blondie.fabrice couturier

Who are you?

My name is Fabrice Couturier, and I am the 43 year old founder and designer of the French Berlin-based unisex collection, Brownie and Blondie.

Where do you call ‘home’ and what do you like about it?

It’s actually an actual question for me ;)… I moved to Berlin five years after spending 20 years in Paris. I came here for love, for the city and for someone… When one love ended, I had to decide whether to stay or to leave. But my love for the city was still fresh and I couldn’t see myself anywhere else. I feel 100% at home, here in Berlin.

Where do you find inspiration? Where do you ‘get lost’?

The streets of cities are my main sources of inspiration. I always worked in haute couture or French prêt-à-porter in Paris, and when I escaped from there I felt so inspired by urban vibes, and new ways of moving in the city. I try to mix this inspiration with my couture background… And it’s actually working!

Describe a trend in your industry, or in society more generally, that fascinates you.

I love unisex, gender fluidity in fashion. Not because it’s a trend, but because I think it’s the future evolution. So many things have been changing in the last ten years. Today you can decide to be a man or a woman! Science offers us new perspectives and it’s very exciting…

Fabrice Couturier

Photo by Brownie and Blondie

Name your favourite spot to hang out when you’re off work.

Fabrice Couterier

Photo by Brownie and Blondie

I have a lot of spots here in Berlin where I love to chill, but let’s talk about Ankerklause. Ankerklause is located in Kreuzkölln, the area between Kreuzberg and Neukölln. It’s a bar open every day, starting with breakfast and going on late with DJs or with a jukebox. Firstly, I love the people working there: hipster tattoo girls, gay Russian-Germans, or old Berliners. They are all colourful and rough, as the city is. I also love the people going there: a good mix of locals, tourists, and local stars. You have a view of the canal, or over the wide street. It could be in the countryside or anywhere else, but it’s only because it’s here at the crossroads of Kreuzberg that makes it what it is!

Name and describe your favourite city.

Let’s leave Berlin for a while and go to Brussels, my second favourite city in Europe. I love to get lost in the city, finding new Arts Nouveau buildings, going from crowded areas to empty ones. I love Belgian design and the way of life there. You feel happiness in the air. People are so communicative. When I feel Berlin’s winter depression in February, I spend four days in Brussels and I’m fit again!

Could you please share your vision with us?

To draw is my passion. Since I was a child, I always tried to capture things with a pen. When I go somewhere, I always bring my ‘carnets de note’ so I can draw day and night. I mostly like to draw people; always with a kind of distance and with humour. I love caricatures from all eras and countries. I would love to show it one day…

Website: Brownie and Blondie


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