Daniel Salmanovich: Owner and manager of Arcade Hotel & Aalborg Hotel Amsterdam

Who are you?

Daniel Salmanovich, the owner and manager of the Arcade Hotel & Aalborg Hotel, where we provide old and new video games and consoles to guests in their rooms and in the lobby. I started working in the service industry when I was 14. I also spent nine years working in event planning/production before moving from Montreal, Canada to Amsterdam to work in hotels.

Where do you call ‘home’ and what do you like about it?

I feel like I have several homes. Montreal is where I was born and raised. Tel Aviv is where I spent every vacation and holidays with my family who live there, including friends I’ve had since I was six years old. But Amsterdam is where I lay my head now, so that’s the city that’s been my home since 2004.

Describe your favourite place to work

The bar of the Arcade Hotel, which is right by the window. This gives me a chance to see the guests and explain to them where to go in the city.

05_Observing a FIFA challenge on the hotel walls Daniel SalmanovichWhere do you find inspiration? Where do you ‘get lost’?

Comics and video games. Sometimes they take me into the past, the future, or into a galaxy far, far away, and a lot of the time, I find my inspiration there.

What is your favourite way to get around?

Scooter. It’s a quick and lazy option, and a great way to discover a new city. If you asked me four years ago, I would have said skateboard.

02_Daniel and Sandra - his wife and architect of the Arcade redesign Daniel Salmanovich

Sandra Duran, Daniel’s wife and the architect of the Arcade hotel.

Describe a trend in your industry, or in society more generally, that fascinates you.

The sharing society really fascinates me. Own nothing, share everything. It goes against my business in a sense (e.g. Airbnb), but I find that it is necessary and appreciated. As for my industry, the trend of having your home entertainment system in your hotel room is really interesting, and this is the reason we provide video games and consoles for people in their rooms. But the hospitality industry as a whole has not really progressed in some time. Putting an iPad in the room and controlling the temperature with it used to be interesting, but the sense of amazement died really quickly.

Name your favourite spot to hang out when you’re off work

It’s not so much a spot that I like to hang out, it’s more about who I’m with. My inspiration comes more from being with those people.

What’s your favourite city?

Istanbul, probably. It’s such a great clash of East-meets-west. New versus old. Have you ever seen a McDonalds in a building that’s 3,000 years old?

Name one object you cannot live without

I hate to say it, but my iPhone 6, or my MacBook Pro. The reasons are:
1) I need to be connected quite often, so it’s convenient.
2) Games games games.
3) Work work work

03_Soft opening for hotel team, gamers and other guests Daniel Salmanovich

What’s the most or least exciting thing you’ve got coming up this week?

Kings Day in Amsterdam was the most exciting, or maybe it was Marvel Civil War. The least exciting thing would be coming back from a holiday in Montreal.

Share your vision with us.

My vision is not ground-breaking. I love video games and comics and the ability to remove myself: not by leaving reality, but arriving in a whole new universe. Since we all get that chance at home with our own games and books, why shouldn’t we have that when we’re on the road? It’s hard to find people who cater to the geeks and gamers, so I did just that. By us, for us!!!

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