To celebrate the launch of Carl Goes Kassel, we spoke to musician and Kassel creative entrepreneur, Craig Bjerring.

Who are you?

I’m Craig Bjerring and I divide my time between different projects. I’ve been a solo, touring musician for 15 years, known as Oldseed. I’ve been the owner and operator of Kafe NEU Am Weinberg and Weinbergkrug – a café and bar in Kassel – for six years. And I’ve been part of the Sonnenzeit Collective for five years, which is an artist collective centred around a castle in the German countryside.

© Craig Bjerring

© Craig Bjerring

Where do you call ‘home’ and what do you like about it?

I currently live in Kassel where my café, bar and music room are. However, I play about 100 shows a year as Oldseed, so I’m away a lot. Kassel is a nice little city with lots of green space. I like green space.

Where do you find inspiration?

I like the effect going for a walk or run has on my creativity. I tend to find my inspiration in movement; I have a short attention span.

What is your favourite type of transport?

Whatever is cheapest. When I’m on tour, I primarily take buses, trains or ride-shares. I don’t really like to drive and planes are boring.

Describe a trend in your industry, or in society more generally, that fascinates you.

‘Music is dying’: that’s what everyone is saying. I believe that statement is too short sighted. The recorded music industry is not what it used to be. However, making a musical record for sale is a side effect of my main reason for making music. I love the connection that performing music makes with people. It’s a special thing and it’s as old as art itself. What the death of the music business is doing is weeding out the people who are interested in a ‘career’ in music. ‘Good riddance,’ I say. The world is changing very dramatically and we as humans need to embrace our passions and evaluate our reasons honestly.

Craig Bjerring's bar and cafe at Weinberg Corner © Weinberg Ecke

Craig Bjerring’s bar and cafe at Weinberg Corner © Weinberg Ecke

Name your favourite spot to hang out when you’re off work.

My bed and my music room. Bed because that’s what you miss when you’re away travelling. And my music room because that’s where all my gear is. My friends and I meet there and divide our time between drinking, smoking and jamming; my favourite things to do.

Name and describe your favourite city.

It’s not where you are, it’s who you’re with. All of my favourite places are my favourites because of the friends I know I’m going to meet there. That said, I really like the Basque Country because it is beautiful and cool.

Name one object you cannot live without and tell us why.

My acoustic guitar. It sounds corny, but I’ve spent more time with it than any person. It’s my primary tool.

What’s the most and least exciting thing you’ve got coming up this week?

The most exciting thing is that I leave tomorrow for a two week tour in Germany, Belgium and Holland. The least exciting thing is that I’m currently doing interviews for café and bar staff for the summer.

You have exactly one minute to share your vision with our readers about anything you want.

I’m going to die one day; so are you. Let’s try to be nice to each other before that happens.

Craig’s café and bar at Weinberg Corner are featured in Carl Goes Kassel – see more info below!

Kafe NEU Am Weinberg

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