Google has released an updated version of Google Earth. The new version includes features such as 3D maps, knowledge cards and virtual tours, which give a whole new experience in relation to discovering our earth.

It’s been more than 10 years since Google first introduced the Earth-app. A few years later Google released Maps with Street View, which was designed to be more practical, but it moved Google Earth to second place. Now, Google gives you a new perspective on Earth with its updated app, which makes it more fun and easier than ever to discover our beautiful planet.

With this new update you can now discover selected cities and natural wonders in 3D. The 3D feature has high quality images and is flawless and easy to use, which makes the world really come to life. It’s easy to pan around the 3D elements on your screen like the Grand Canyon, Mount Everest, Christ the Redeemer and the Eiffel Tower.

Screenshot of Google Earth

Screenshot of Google Earth


Take a virtual tour with the new Voyager function. Google worked with scientists, guides, park rangers, historians and other experts to develop these interactive tours. There are currently 50 tours available (and more to come): from discovering Natural Treasures with BBC Earth or watching video highlights of David Attenborough’s Story of Life, to a tour of Hemingway’s Hangouts or discovering Art Nouveau highlights in Europe. It’s even possible to take a tour with the Muppet girls.


Voyager by Google Earth

 Learn and discover

Knowledge cards provide interesting information about any selected element. You can now learn more about 20,000 points of interests around the world. It also features the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ option, which was previously introduced as a Google Search option. By clicking on the dice, Google Earth will transport you to a random location. So if you don’t know what to discover first or if you are looking for your next travel destination, throw the dice and see where it takes you.

The newly designed Google Earth is available in Google Chrome on desktops and has a dedicated app for Android devices.

Website: Google Earth