American company Velomacchi combines classic architectures with modern materials to craft ‘fast’ gear for motorcyclists and the aesthetically-minded.

Inspired by tradition and driven by innovation, they claim to create the world’s fastest bags, gloves and accessories, and they are doing a pretty good job! Velomacchi is a play on two Italian words, Velocità Macchina, which roughly translated means ‘Velocity Machine’.


“Ability is
a poor man’s velomacchi logo
– John Wooden

Velomacchi claims to create the world’s ‘fastest’ bags, gloves and accessories. With more than 15 years of experience, they travel the world in order to deliver expert craftsmanship which can be seen and felt in every product.

Every detail is exceptionally thought through, providing riders with unique solutions to problems they face every day. Even for those who do not ride, enjoyment can be found in all these clever things not found in regular accessories. Pretty much all of them are quite useful for outdoorsy people or urban explorers like ourselves. Check out the video showing the backpack’s features below:



Other products that are particularly nice are the laptop sleeves (available in 8″-10″ and 13″-15″) and the ‘speedway impact storage case’ for all your other electronics. Both are designed for high speed slides and protection from dirt, and are able to safely transport the gear modest users like ourselves usually carry around.

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Link to the shop: Velomacchi