Amsterdam’s digital archive just got a lot more fun to explore. Discover the streets and sights of Amsterdam with this map that shows photos of the past.

Ever wondered how a particular street or building looked in the past? It’s now easier than ever to take a look back into history in the city of Amsterdam. With the map on you can easily choose which part you want to discover or from what year. Every mark on the map shows pictures from the past, with the oldest picture dating back to 1855. The photos are official photos from the Amsterdam City Archives.

Leidsestraat Amsterdam

Leidsestreet ca 1930 via Amsterdam City Archives

Discover architectural history and compare the photos to the current look by using Google Street View. You will notice that a lot of the architecture in the city centre is still intact. There are also some great photos showing locals on the streets, which gives you a good impression of daily life. See how the train station looked 50 years ago, take a look in a theatre or some shops, or admire the old cars and trams.

Screenshot from

Screen shot from

Or watch this video that shows the expansion of the city from 1600-1700, also know as the Golden Age:


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