From full colour watch maps to fold-up urban scooters, some of the most innovative and creative new designs and technologies have been unveiled at CES®, the Consumer Electronics Show.

The annual CES show held in Las Vegas every year is the opportunity for brands and entrepreneurs to showcase their new inventions. This was no different at CES® 2017, where both established brands and start-up entrepreneurs launched brand new technologies and lifestyle accompaniments. Perfect for tech-lovers and fans of innovations, here are the latest products to be announced at CES 2017.

A&D Medical/Mobile Health: a MobileHelp Tablet Medical Alarm with MobileVitals Monitoring.

BMW: the prototype of BMW’s 7-fully automated sedan.

Bosch: a concept car featuring face recognition and intelligent personalisation, gesture control with Ultra Haptics, a crystal-clear OLED display and digital exterior mirrors.

Carnival: a highly personalised wearable concierge service called Ocean Medallion, which enables elevated service through enhanced guest interactions during travellers’ entire cruise experience.

Casio: a smart watch called PRO TREK, which uses Android Wear 2.0, and is equipped with low-power GPS and full-colour map functionality.

Attendees test new technologies at CES 2017

Attendees test new technologies at CES 2017

Continental: a new driver assistance technology – high-resolution 3D Lash Lidar – capable of 3D measurement of the environment in challenging conditions such as fog, dust, rain and light.

Faraday Future: a fully-electric, fully-connected, self-driving, keyless vehicle experience – FF 91 – with a ‘driverless valet’ function that allows the car to park itself from your smartphone.

FCA: a concept car called Portal, which is battery electric, cloud connected and offers fully self-driving capabilities.

Hisense: an HDR TV, called H10D 4K, featuring proprietary ULED display technology, quantum dot wide colour gamut and full array local dimming.

Huawei/Honor: a 6X dual-camera, dual-sensor smartphone.

Hyundai: a “micro mobility” fold-up scooter – the IONIC Scooter – aimed at people who live in urban environments with limited parking options.

LG: known as ‘the wallpaper TV’, the LG Signature OLED TV W is a 65” TV at just 2.57mm wide, leaving no gap between the TV and wall.

Lucaro: a full-body massage chair – the iRobotics 7 Medical Massage Chair – that also uses blood pressure and heart rate monitoring for even more options.

Monster: the Soundstage 2 home music system will be integrated with Amazon Alexa.

Panasonic: the new Lumix GH5 mirrorless camera excels at shooting video and has 4K and 6K capabilities.

Qualcomm: the first 10 nanometer mobile processor, Snapdragon 835, has enhanced efficiency that helps create thinner phones with longer battery life.

Royole: a 3D virtual mobile theatre, the Royole Moon, combines 1080p AMOLED displays at over 3000ppi resolution to simulate a giant 800” curved screen. It has stereoscopic 3D and noise-cancelling headphones for a completely immersive experience.

Samsung: an Internet of Things enabled washer-dryer, the Wash and FlexDry, features four separate compartments for washing and drying, allowing you to maximize efficiency and customise how you manage your laundry.

Sony: the Crystal LED integrated structure display allows users to create a TV screen of any size using a modular design, using superfine LED structures, making it virtually impossible to see the seams and pixels.

TCL: the TV screens of the Xess series – X2 and X3 models – are edgeless, flat and curved.

Toyota: a self-driving car – the Concept-I – allows passengers to interact with the car’s artificial intelligence agent called ‘Yui,’ which anticipates drivers’ needs, measures emotions and responds automatically.

Toyota Concept-I self-driving car

Toyota Concept-I self-driving car. Photo: CES®

Valeo: an emergency braking system, the 360AEB Nearshield, eliminates drivers’ blind spots, bringing the vehicle to a stop in emergency situations.

VOXX: delivering the strongest Wi-Fi signals throughout the home and free HDTV, the Terk Omni features circle beam technology, which will allow you to receive broadcast signals up to 65 miles away.

ZF: a deep learning software, the ZF ProAI, is ZF’s first step into artificial intelligence that goes beyond automotive applications.

ZTE: the world’s first crowdsourced phone, the Hawkeye.

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