Getting Lost

A big part of our concept is the art of getting lost or ‘flânerie’: inspiring travellers to wander without a plan and discover the most unexpected things to get inspired and raise their quality of life. We’ll give you a sneak peek at the most intimate and authentic places waiting for you to discover for yourself.


Explore Old Amsterdam

Amsterdam's digital archive just got a lot more fun to explore. Discover the streets and sights of Amsterdam with this map that shows photos of the past. Ever ...

Google Earth 3D update

Google has released an updated version of Google Earth. The new version includes features such as 3D maps, knowledge cards and virtual tours, which give a whole...
Photo by Hotel Jen

Night Light map by Hotel Jen

A new experiential programme by Hotel Jen encourages travellers to go where the locals go, discover new experiences and leave boring behind after dark. The Hot...
View from Casa Bombo, Granada

Casa Bombo: Get lost in Granada

Citizen Carl was invited to stay in the heart of Granada’s Albayzín neighbourhood in Casa Bombo. “Get lost! That’s our advice to you in our beautiful Albayzín ...