We spoke to some of our interviewees from the Carl Goes London city guide to find out their reactions to the EU referendum and the Brexit decision by UK citizens.

Nathalie Rozencwajg, Architect, RARE Architecture

“A door has been shut and a new ‘mental frontier’ established.” – Nathalie Rozencwajg

Nathalie Rozencwajg 1

“As someone who lives a typical ‘European’ lifestyle, sharing my time between Paris and London, I feel extremely sad by the outcome of the referendum.”

“I am worried for the future of my relationship with the UK on a personal, as well as a business level. However, the greater picture of what this represents symbolically is devastating. And what this could trigger for our future and that of younger generations is worrying.”

“My work depends on two crucial elements: namely investments and construction labour. Both will be affected in the short term, and maybe in the long term too, depending on the outcome of the future relationship the UK negotiates with the EU. I am therefore worried for the prosperity of my line of business in the near future, and expect the recent surge in London developments to slow down.”

“A door has been shut and a new ‘mental frontier’ established. I hope London will remain the vibrant creative hub that makes it so special. But it will see other European cities seriously contending for this place; cities where Europeans can choose to settle freely and easily as part of a larger European ideal.”

Graham Hollick, Creative Director

“I find it deeply depressing that we will lose our connection with Europe.” – Graham Hollick


“I don’t really think Brexit will affect my work unless we dip into a deep recession again.”

“However, on a personal note, I find it deeply depressing that we will lose our connection with Europe. I wonder if London will now lose its attraction to other Europeans as a good place to base their businesses? I understand many French companies base themselves in London because our tax system is less complicated; perhaps they will go elsewhere now.”

Jess Williamson, Director at Techstars

“The UK’s entrepreneurial strength comes from the diverse community.” – Jess Williamson


“I’m infuriated by the vote to leave the European Union. The entrepreneurial strength of not just London, but also Manchester, Newcastle, Edinburgh, and across the UK, comes from the diverse community. This includes the ideas, the skill-sets, the perspectives, and the networks that people moving to the UK bring.”

“So little is known about what this truly means for UK residents looking to travel, relocate, or do business with others in the EU.”

“I am known for being hugely optimistic, but none of this is good news.”

Roberto Revilla, Fashion Designer

“The referendum has created anger and fear rather than optimism and hope.” – Roberto Revilla


“I am deeply disappointed and aggrieved about what is happening right now, as a result of the fallout from this EU Referendum.”

“It now seems painfully obvious that many who voted ‘Leave’ didn’t really know what they were voting for. The leaders of the ‘Leave’ campaign focused heavily on immigration, which has resulted in a much-publicised increase in racist incidents. This goes against everything I thought my country stood for.”

“As a small business, we are now faced with an uncertain future – the risks of a ‘Brexit’ were obvious to so many (a hit on sterling and the financial markets, leading to loss of consumer confidence and potentially onto recession). Yet half the country and the politicians in charge ignored the obvious and went down the path to potential chaos anyway. This tells me these people do not have the nation’s best interests at heart, but their own.”

“We are a diverse country – and London is the greatest example of this – made all the better for the multiple nationalities that have chosen to come here. They have embraced our home and values as their own. This referendum and the result has thus far drawn many lines throughout different areas of society, creating anger and fear rather than optimism and hope.”

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