Coboat lets you explore the seven seas while working and sailing on a catamaran, attracting adventurous entrepreneurs, digital nomads and visionary start-up founders.

Working at Coboat provides an ever-changing office environment. With multiple stop-overs at interesting spots, loads of outdoor and water activities, collaborative projects and inspiring and like-minded people all around, inspiration is in abundance.

Connectivity is provide by 3G/4G signals in coastal areas. When further out at sea, the community relies on a state-of-the-art marine satellite connection to ensure continued productivity. Coboat aims for a zero carbon footprint, which means sailing whenever possible and only switching to engines when absolutely necessary. In the near future, the boat’s engine will be replaced by an electric propulsion system, re-using stored energy provided by the sun and wind.

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From June to November 2016, would-be voyagers can get aboard and explore the Mediterranean Sea while working, with the boat setting sail from Greece. This sailing co-working spot has fast and reliable internet most of the time. A shared double or triple cabin, internet, food, non-alcoholic drinks, port fees and charges are included. Prices start at €880. More information about the upcoming trip can be found here.

Learn more about the Coboat concept by watching the founders introduce themselves in the video below.

Website: Coboat