Vegan ingredients are found in industries that want to work less with animal products, especially food, fashion and cosmetics. And one of our favourite cities, Berlin, is the world’s vegan capital.

The vegan trend is quickly gaining popularity in Berlin. The city currently has 43 restaurants using absolutely no animal products, and more than 340 restaurants serving animal-free dishes. Combined with all the concepts of other industries besides food, Berlin is the vegan capital when it comes to vegan offerings.

Trends in the food industry

New trends in the food industry include raw foods, superfoods and clean eating. Rawtastic is Berlin’s first fully raw vegan restaurant, a place where they serve the best of plant based dishes where all enzymes and nutrients are kept intact, just as nature intended. Key to the raw food principle is not heating food above 40 to 49 degrees Celsius. Eatery Daluma focuses on highly nutritious products without compromising on taste.

Whereas these two concepts are more about what you eat, the clean eating concept focuses more on the ‘how’. It cuts out as many processing steps as possible, making the product as close as possible to its origin. And superfoods are nutrient-rich foods considered to be particularly beneficial for health and well-being, such as açai, goji berries and chia seeds.

Vegan lifestyle events

As well as being a vegan capital in terms of vegan restaurants and producers, Berlin has multiple events throughout the year around the vegan lifestyle too.

  •  Vegan Summer Fest: a place where all aspects of the vegan lifestyle come together, including food trucks, shops, an ‘infomarket’ and music.
  • The Green Market Berlin: a great alternative to the conventional markets, offering food, fashion, cosmetics and handmade gifts. This year’s edition will be held on 17 and 18 September in the Alte Kindl Brauerei, Berlin.
  • Veggie World Berlin: this trade fair in The STATION Berlin will be held on 26 and 27 November 2016 and has plenty of vegan ideas too.

Here we share VisitBerlin’s list showing the best places to go in the vegan capital if you’re into vegan food or the vegan lifestyle.

Vegan food and drinks:

 Vegan lifestyle:

  •  Veganz: Europe’s first vegan supermarket has three shops in Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, and Prenzlauer Berg
  • Shoes at avesu in Prenzlauer Berg
  • Fashion at Umasan Healthstyle in Mitte
  • loveco: vegan fashion and make-up in Friedrichshain
  • Und Gretel: natural make-up
  • Veganes Sommerfest at Alexanderplatz, 19-21 August 2016 had more than 50,000 visitors
  • Lifestyle market Green Market Berlin at old Kindl Brauerei: autumn edition on 17 and 18 September 2016; winter edition on 17 and 18 December 2016
  • Europe’s largest vegan fair VeggieWorld is on 26 and 27 November at Station Berlin
  • Tour with Vegan Tours Berlin
  • Vegan tattoos at Little Bird Tattoo in Rummelsburg
  • Vegan sex shop: Other Nature in Kreuzberg
 Looking for places outside Berlin? Visit Happy Cow’s website and discover vegan eateries all over the world.


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