Berlin Art Week 2016 is coming to the city 13 to 18 September: check out our lowdown on what to expect.

The fifth edition of the art week – Berlin Art Week 2016 – is a key autumn date in every art lover’s diary. Dedicated to contemporary art, the week combines exhibitions, awards, and a programme of talks, films and tours. Throughout the week, various events will be taking places across Berlin, where visitors will also be able to view private collections and special project spaces.

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Berlin Art Week 2016 events include:

abc art berlin contemporary: where galleries from Germany and around the world present solo presentations of artists at Station Berlin, with exhibition architecture by Johanna Meyer-Grohbrügge. Participating galleries this year include Avlskarl Gallery, Capitain Petzel, Mehdi Chouakri, Delmes & Zander, Meyer Riegger and Sies + Höke.

Positions Berlin Art Fair: an insight into the international art scene at Postbahnhof, showcasing strong emerging and contemporary works. Participating galleries this year include Barcelona’s Galerie Miquel Alzueta, Toronto’s Christopher Cutts Gallery, and Berlin’s WE Gallery.

Positions Berlin Art Fair 2015, Foto: Edgard Berendsen

Positions Berlin Art Fair 2015, Photo:
Edgard Berendsen

Sven Drühl exhibition: ‘Landscape Beyond Reality’ contemplates the relationship between pictures of the past and present.

COMMON AFFAIRS: presenting contemporary art from Poland, in collaboration with Deutsche Bank KunstHalle and Polish Institute Berlin. All works shown in this exhibition are by nominees or winners of Poland’s renowned VIEWS Award.

Gordon Parks exhibition: ‘I Am You Selected Works, 1934-1978’ is a selection of photographs by the photographer who chronicled the oppression of the black community and the Civil Rights movement.

Check out this cool Gordon Parks page for more info on the artist

Goshka Macuga exhibition: a double-exhibition at the Schinkel Pavilion focuses on the relationship between human beings and technology. In particular, the work looks at artificial memory and artificial intelligence from the artist perspective.

Dada Africa exhibition: ‘Dialogue with the Foreign’ explores the Dadaist responses to non-European cultures and art.

Modern Visionaries exhibition: focusing on the texts and designs of three early 20th century visionaries Paul Scheerbart, Bruno Taut and Paul Goesch, this exhibition brings together some never shown before artworks.

Adam Jeppesen exhibition: ‘Out of camp – thinking about photography’ is about the presentation of the photographer’s North Pole to Antarctic journey.

‘Poppy – Trails of Afghan Heroin’: a multi-media installation by Robert Knoth and Antoinette de Jong, who traced the paths of heroin from Afghanistan, through Central Asia, the Balkans, East Africa, Dubai and western Europe, ending up on the streets of London.

Method: C/O berlin continues its Talents series featuring the nonconformist works of Sascha Kurmaz and texts by Svea Bräunert.

Wave if you are real: an interdisciplinary exhibition by Kulturpalast Wedding with performance, music, painting and video, looking at the condition of being fake or authentic.

Kulturpalast Wedding International e.V. Fatima Njai, negerina, © Fatima Njai

Kulturpalast Wedding International e.V.
Fatima Njai, negerina,
© Fatima Njai

Temporary Artist’s Book Shop: ‘The book as an artwork as an exhibition as a book.’ For this exhibition, LAGE EGAL becomes a bookstore/reading library named #TABS, offering a platform to show artists’ books and other publications in all their forms.

Virtual Cave and Golden Cage: a mental laboratory of artistic projects, films and essays that confront the effect of technology in the production of images.

The Feuerle Collection: a private collection available to view exclusively. By registration only at The Feuerle Collection (

Berlin Biennale for contemporary art: ‘The Present in Drag’ involves 12 hours of performances, lectures and music, with CUSS Group, Nik Kosmas, Trevor Paglen, Alexandra Pirici, Puppies Puppies, Daniel Steegmann Mangrané.

Sculpture, Installations and Environments: these 3D public tours look at sculptures, installations and environments.


Watch the official Berlin Art Week 2016 trailer below:

Website: Berlin Art Week

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