Citizen Carl — The journal for curious and creative people

Citizen Carl is an online journal for curious and creative people. It is designed to keep modern nomads up to date, inspired and connected by featuring lifestyle and work-related topics. Citizen Carl is based on the concept of Carl Goes print city guides

The online journal Citizen Carl features a mixture of lifestyle and work related topics including interviews with high profile locals and cherry-picked recommendations for places to sleep, eat, drink, meet and get lost. It also features need-to-know information such as major events, trends and developments in the travel industry. While Carl Goes city guides cover all the essential aspects of a particular city and features in-depth interviews with high profile city residents, the online journal goes a step further to keep our readers up to date, inspired and connected on a global scale. The print city guides and online journal will go hand-in-hand to create experiences ‘Carl’ would approve of.

In ‘essentials’ we keep you posted about everything you do need to know, such as the latest news in the aviation industry and interesting facts and figures about places across the globe. It’s everything you need to know, found in one place, selected to suit your interest.

The ‘work’ category features blogs about co-working spaces, perfect spots for business lunches and the best places you’ll be able to enjoy fast internet and a nice cup of coffee. We’ll also cover some major and smaller business events coming up. This category is dedicated to broadening your network.

The ‘live’ section covers all aspects of having a well-rounded lifestyle. Discover and choose from places Carl really likes to sleep, eat and drink. Visiting that business event featured in the work section? We’ve got a few places for you in the local area to discover too! Live like a temporary citizen and discover these authentic spots that only locals recommend.

A big part of our concept is the art of ‘getting lost‘ or ‘flânerie’: inspiring travellers to wander without a plan and discover the most unexpected things to get inspired and raise their quality of life. We’ll give you a sneak peek at the most intimate and authentic places waiting for you to discover for yourself.

The ‘people’ section gives you the opportunity to meet some friends of Carl and see how they answer ten very simple questions. You’ll get to know them quite well by learning about their favourite places to work and where they find inspiration. They will share their vision and insights with you.

“People have told us they read Carl Goes city guides for a mixture of practical and inspirational information,” said the Carl Goes Publisher Sascha Mengerink. “And now they’ll be able to do so online too. The articles we pick for the featured section are perfect to go with your morning coffee, and we hope will provide a daily source of inspiration to urban nomads.”

Sascha Mengerink
+316 43 596 706

Citizen Carl is named after an old friend with wanderlust who died too young. Find out more about Carl here!