If you’re going to make 2017 a year for travel, check out these travel apps that could enhance your experience.

1. Revolut

You’ll need to register for this global money app in advance of travelling, so you have time to receive the RevolutCard™ (a MasterCard) that goes with it. Link it with your bank account and top up money via the app when you need it. You’ll automatically get the best exchange rate available at that time, and you’ll avoid bank exchange fees, because Revolut essentially acts as a global bank account.
Website: Revolut

2. Galileo Offline Maps

This app allows you to download maps of countries you’re going to visit, allowing you to access the data offline when you’re in-country. The maps are based on OpenStreetMap and give a lot of detail on local points of interest, restaurants, bars, pharmacies, petrol stations and more. As an alternative, MAPS.ME is also popular.
Websites: Galileo or MAPS.ME

Galileo Offline Maps

Photo: Galileo Offline Maps

3. Wiffinity

Connect to free WiFi across the world with this app, which has a growing list of secure WiFi points that are signed up to provide access. You can also seek out the nearest WiFi point even if you’re not connected to the internet. As an alternative, Instabridge is similar.
Websites: Wiffinity or Instabridge

4. TripIt

Once you’ve got the TripIt app on your phone, send your travel confirmation emails to it, and watch an itinerary unfold. It beats countless pieces of paper or an Excel spreadsheet, which can quickly take the fun out of making travel plans…
Website: TripIt

5. PackPoint

Enter in your destination, length of stay and reason for your trip, and PackPoint will create a suggested list of what you should pack, which also takes the weather forecast into account.
Website: PackPoint

6. Expensify

Those who travel for business will find this a life-saver. Scan in copies of receipts to your phone to store them digitally, and keep track of the number of hours worked and mileage travelled. You can also generate invoices from the app.
Website: Expensify

7. iTranslate

This translation and dictionary app supports 90 languages and even recognises different dialects. The app works via text or voice translation, and the most popular languages are available in an offline mode too. As an alternative, the Google Translate app isn’t too bad either.
Website: iTranslate or Google Translate


Photo: iTranslate

8. CityMapper

This app covers 38 cities so far, and works out the easiest way for you to get from A to B by public transport.
Website: CityMapper

9. Skyscanner

This popular app is a favourite among seasoned travellers, helping to find the best flights deals, hotels and car hire.
Website: Skyscanner

10. Airbnb

It’s another obvious one, but this app makes it easy to book a room or a local home for the night when you find yourself in a new place.
Website: Airbnb

11. Plane Finder

Curious wanderers will love this app. Point your phone at a plane flying overhead and find out the flight number, destination and other details. For those who want to find out about stars and planetary formations instead, Sky View is the app for you.
Websites: Plane Finder or Sky View

Plane Finder

Website: Plane Finder

12. Flush Toilet Finder

This app does what it says on the tin. Find the nearest public bathroom without the need for internet connection when you’re out and about. When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go.
Website: Flush Toilet Finder

12.5 SAS Survival Guide

It’s not exactly a serious suggestion, but this is the app for surviving any situation, anywhere in the world. It’s a fascinating read, regardless of whether you actually ever need to use it.
Website: SAS Survival Guide